We are manufacturers of prefabricated houses and specialists in supplying prefabricated structural solutions. Our exterior panels have a thickness of only 28 centimeters, which enables them even for the construction of passive houses.

The company ZELIS MODULARIS. has its production and processing plant in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Since entering the Belarusian market in 1997, our factory is constantly expanding in the scope of its activities and in the development of new products. We carry out a strong research effort to offer our clients the widest range of materials and services for the construction of prefabricated single-family houses. We currently have a production capacity of 40,000m² built per year.

Our main values are: modern European equipment, advanced software, proven technologies and high control of production quality.

The clear European vision and its adaptation to these standards, has allowed us the expansion and implantation in the Spanish territory. In Spain we operate under the trade name of ZELIS MODULARIS.

State-of-the-art prefabricated house manufacturers

Currently, the quality of each stage of the production process of our prefabricated houses is developed in accordance with European standards and is under constant supervision. For this reason, our prefabricated wooden panels provide adjustments, fittings and materials necessary to screw each one of them correctly. In this way, the structure, once assembled, is about to receive installations and finishes. So we can always improve or expand them. These forecasts make it possible to greatly reduce the time and costs dedicated to installations.



As manufacturers of manufactured homes we are able to make our clients fulfill their dreams. We seek a balance between the simplicity of the construction and the attention to detail in the finishes.


The alliance between solid and geometric construction elements and the dynamism that produces the passion for innovation and the application of new, more efficient and sustainable technologies.


Offer quality and competitive prices in prefabricated wooden houses that meet efficiency standards. We want a better world, in which the environment is in harmony with your home.


Build homes based on three pillars: build efficient prefabricated houses, get the most competitive prices and make ease of assembly our standard.

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