The construction and sale services that Zelis Modularis encompass a wide range. We offer builders and construction professionals prefabricated structures tailored to each project. It is a flexible, modern, high-quality, high-performance product, specially designed to facilitate and streamline subsequent installation and finishing work. The client must provide the connections and a firm, smooth and well-leveled foundation, according to the plans provided.
Committed to meeting deadlines and with technical service in Morocco.

Sale of custom prefabricated structures

Zelis Modularis offers construction and sales services for professionals. All the prefabricated panels needed and put into work for the construction of custom buildings. This prefabricated system allows the structure to be finished in a period of between 3 and 5 days, depending on the size and complexity of the work.

Architecture Services

Among its construction and sale services, Zelis Modularis has professional technicians (architects and surveyors) specialized in this type of structure. The fact that the technicians involved in the project are familiar with the construction system, avoids oversizing errors of the structures and guarantees to minimize problems.

Foreman for the coordination and training of assembly teams

Zelis Modularis, in its effort to offer quality construction and sales services, offers the possibility of hiring a work supervision service throughout the assembly phase of the structure. With this support, the correct assembly of the pieces is guaranteed and companies are trained so that they can develop future works independently.

Special conditions

The fact that the construction system is based on large panels implies a series of conditions that must be taken into account for each project:
Access with Trailer to the place of unloading
The panels are transported directly from the factory to the customer’s plot. Therefore, its access to the foot of the plot will be essential.
Space to download the panels
The customer’s plot must have enough space to unload and store all the parts until their subsequent assembly.
Space and maneuverability for the crane
The street and / or the plot must have enough space to allow the installation and maneuvering of the crane necessary for the assembly.
If any of these conditions are not met, each particular case will be studied to assess the viability of the project.

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